Season eight, Episode 4 ‘Some Guy’


‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Season eight, Episode 4 ‘Some Guy’


Having edited 21 earlier episodes of The Walking Dead, Dan Liu makes his debut as a tv director with this week’s episode, “Some Guy.” He kicks off the episode with probably the most higher chilly opens in contemporary reminiscence. We see Ezekiel as simply “some guy” — the zookeeper with some appearing revel in — earlier than he places on his gown and transforms himself into “King Ezekiel,” the person thrust right into a management place by means of circumstance and by means of necessity. “Fake it til’ you make it, baby” Ezekiel informed Carol two weeks again. In this night’s episode, he learns that some issues can’t be faked. The chilly open well establishes probably the most night time’s main issues earlier than Liu hits us with a truly robust transition from Ezekiel status with the Kingdommers huddled round him chanting “We Are One!” to the current, with a lot of those self same males, now corpses, huddled on best of him after being gunned down by means of the Saviors and their huge artillery gun.

When Ezekiel in any case does move slowly out from underneath the pile of our bodies, he’s confronted with a brand new residing nightmare: Nearly each and every unmarried guy he led into combat is useless, crumpled at the floor, riddled with bullet holes, guts placing out in their huge wounds. Worse: Ezekiel’s leg is damaged. Even worse: His squaddies reanimate as zombies and start lurching towards him. Ezekiel and his fractured ankle can simplest scoot away helplessly He’s about to be wolfed by means of his personal squaddies when some other surviving Kingdommer involves his rescue.

That’s short-lived, on the other hand, as a result of a Savior who looks as if the younger model of a well-known serial killer in each and every Lifetime biopic arrives at the scene, kills the Kingdommer redshirt, and takes Ezekiel hostage. The Savior — who additionally looks as if a man who drives a wood-paneled van in a film directed by means of Richard Linklater — thinks he’s going to pull a hobbling guy all of the as far back as the Savior compound whilst being chased by means of zombies. The Savior — who looks as if the villain in an ill-advised horror sequel to The Sandlot — does hit a nerve, on the other hand, when he calls Ezekiel “just a guy in a costume.” Eventually, on the other hand, Jerry involves the rescue and kills The Savior — who looks as if Robert Crumb’s a lot more youthful, a lot much less a success little brother — a minimum of till Jerry splits him down the center with a combat ax.


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