Ranking The 5 Saddest Deaths On ‘The Walking Dead’


Ranking The 5 Saddest Deaths On ‘The Walking Dead’


SPOILERS via this week’s The Walking Dead episode, “Some Guy”

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead forces a reconfiguring of the saddest deaths in The Walking Dead’s eight-year historical past. I’ll say proper up entrance, on the other hand, that the deaths of Glenn and Abraham aren’t in this listing. Those deaths weren’t “sad” up to they had been brutal and unrelenting. Negan smashed Glenn’s head in with a baseball bat such a lot of instances that audience may just really feel little rather than numbness. The greatest loss of life within the historical past of The Walking Dead didn’t impress disappointment up to it provoked a way of hollowness. In reality, the primary time Glenn “died” subsequent to a dumpster was once in truth extra “sad” than Glenn’s precise loss of life.

Here, on the other hand, had been the 5 deaths on The Walking Dead in all probability to elicit honest-to-God tears.

5. Beth — Beth’s loss of life came about so rapid — she stabbed Dawn with a tiny pair of scissors and Dawn shot her within the head — that it took a couple of seconds to sign up what had came about. Beth’s loss of life left Rick, Tyreese, Carol, and particularly Daryl utterly shook, however the disappointment was once multiplied by way of 10 when Maggie broke down on the sight of her little sister’s frame being performed of the sanatorium by way of Daryl.


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