Green Beret Caught 2 Navy SEALs With Illicit Funds Before His Death


Green Beret Caught 2 Navy SEALs With Illicit Funds Before His Death


U.S. Navy

In overdue October, the New York Times reported that the demise of a Green Beret, Staff Sgt. Logan J. Melgar, have been dominated a murder by means of strangulation. Two unidentified Navy SEALs, who stayed in the similar embassy housing as Melgar and different Special Ops forces, had been formally positioned underneath suspicion, however the cases surrounding Melgar’s homicide remained murky. Some throughout the Green Beret neighborhood speculated that he will have stumbled upon some illicit task, or non-public dispute had escalated into violence between the elite troops.

A brand new Daily Beast document now fills in some blanks, a minimum of, in step with participants of the specials-ops neighborhood who spoke anonymously to the hole. The Beast studies that Melgar had spoken to his spouse about “the bad feeling” he had about two SEALs in query, but he didn’t elaborate why he felt that approach. Further, the Beast main points what Melgar reportedly came upon in regards to the males who are actually underneath suspicion in his demise. Apparently, this got here right down to the SEALs pocketing illicit money:

As the elite troops do in such a lot of international locations, they function within the shadows, with relatively little oversight — and what their movements if truth be told seem like at the floor can also be a lot dirtier than the heroic symbol the Pentagon prefers to painting. For instance, a part of the intelligence collecting operation in Mali concerned a fund used to pay informants.

Melgar, two particular operations resources say, came upon the SEALs had been pocketing one of the crucial cash from the informant fund. The SEALS introduced to chop him in, however Melgar declined, those resources stated.

The Beast provides that an altercation then commenced and escalated, and after Melgar’s useless frame was once brought to the closest health center, the SEALs reportedly panicked. They reportedly claimed that he was once inebriated whilst they had been enticing in hand-to-hand preventing workout routines with him. They even filed an operational document or two to that impact. However, officers say that Melgar’s post-mortem document confirmed no medication or alcohol in his machine, which pokes quite a few holes within the SEALs’ accounts.

In addition, our pals at The Intercept not too long ago reported that one of the crucial SEALS underneath suspicion, Petty Officer Anthony E. DeDolph, is a combined martial arts fighter, consistent with army officers who spoke anonymously. The outlet provides that Melgar’s post-mortem document was once adopted by means of the SEALs’ claims that he was once “grappling” with them when he ended up in a “chokehold.” They claimed that Melgar handed out within the procedure, and their efforts to resuscitate him had been unsuccessful. Add this to the Beast’s document about illicit money discovery, and the probe into Melgar’s demise has grown much more tangled.

(Via Daily Beast & The Intercept)


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