Donald Trump Visits Texas Again, Says Evacuated Families Are ‘Happy’



For the second one time in 4 days, President Donald Trump visited Texas, every week after Hurricane Harvey decimated the Gulf Coast and Houston. Asked via newshounds about his commute, Trump stated, by the use of CBS News, “things are working out well … Families are happy. As tough as this was, it’s been a wonderful thing.”

Not everyone, even though, used to be happy via Trump’s phrases.

MSNBC correspondent Garrett Haake tweeted the next as Trump met with evacuees.

Pictures and video similar to those.

And Twitter were given disillusioned to peer Haake examine Trump to a kindly grandfather.

Either manner, Trump’s talk over with seems to have a far other really feel than his mid-week talk over with to Texas when he admired the group measurement on the spot he spoke and mentioned his idea that Harvey looked like such an blameless identify. Nearly 50 folks in Texas have reportedly died from the typhoon.

Asked in regards to the households he noticed on the refuge on Saturday, Trump stated, “They were just happy—a lot of happiness.”

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