Dear Christians, Stop Saying “Everything Happens for a Reason”


Have you ever discovered your self, in the middle of inconceivable grief, ache, heartache or melancholy, questioning how you’re going to make it via every other day? Wondering the place your subsequent breath goes to return from? Your international has crumbled underneath you and you’re left feeling shattered, empty and hopeless.

And then a neatly that means buddy or circle of relatives member comes alongside and drops the notorious “Everything occurs for a reason why” bomb. You smile kindly and nod—that’s all you’ll do to stay your self from punching them within the face.

You can’t most likely consider a reason why for what simply came about. 

The extra you stew about a conceivable reason why for your ache, the angrier you grow to be. You take a look at desperately to make sense of a state of affairs that gained’t ever make sense. You achieve for solutions however none come.

I spent years looking for solutions, looking for causes that may deliver an finish to my ache. I believed that if I may to find the motive, I may deal with the situation. But what I discovered via years of looking, experiencing and dwelling is that ceaselessly there is not any reason why for why tragedy has took place.

Sometimes dangerous issues occur for no reason why instead of we’re human beings having a human enjoy. Pain, heartache, grief, loss, illness and loss of life are inevitable portions of the human enjoy. 

We listen other people say “Life dealt me a crappy hand” as though ache and hardships aren’t the norm. We think that existence is meant to be simple and when issues don’t move our manner, we really feel like we’ve been wronged. Human beings appear to have an innate sense of entitlement. We assume that we’re owed a pain-free life.

But actually that human beings aren’t exempt from the human enjoy. And fight is an innate a part of the human enjoy. None people are exceptions to this rule. We all fight. We all undergo. We all enjoy ache, heartache and loss. And on occasion, there’s simply no reason why instead of we’re human and ache is a a part of the method.

I lately had a dialog with a buddy who was once suffering to search out peace with “God’s plan” for her existence together with the new loss of life of a liked one.

“How could this possibly be God’s will?” she requested.

Here’s what I’ve come to learn about God’s will:

God’s will isn’t the trail we stroll, however slightly how we stroll the trail. 

God’s plan is rarely for anyone to have most cancers. God’s will isn’t for an blameless kid to be brutally murdered. God’s will isn’t for a teenage lady to be raped. God’s will isn’t continual ache, sickness, incapacity or loss of life.

God’s will isn’t an tournament that occurs to us, it’s how we reply to what occurs. 

God’s will for us is to stroll with Him in the course of the most cancers. Through the abuse. Through the loss of life. Through the sickness. God’s will is for us to attract as regards to him in the middle of ache. God’s will is for us to make use of our painful existence occasions to hold his message of hope, grace, forgiveness and mercy. 

God’s plan was once by no means for ache to be a part of the human enjoy. His plan was once for us to are living in peace and unity with Him. The human enjoy changed into painful when sin entered the arena. Our personal loose will weaved threads of tragedy, loss, heartache and ache into the human enjoy.

God isn’t accountable for our ache. We aren’t accountable for our ache. What came about within the Garden of Eden is accountable for the human situation. And the human situation is tricky stressed for ache and struggling. God isn’t inflicting us to harm. He is hurting with us. What we do with our harm is what issues. How we maintain tragedy is what brings objective into our ache.

There’s hardly a justifiable reason why for the dangerous issues that occur in existence. Tragic loss isn’t laced with inherent specifications of excellent. I used to get so mad when other people would say, “You can find good in every situation.” That’s simply now not true. There was once not anything excellent about being raped. There isn’t any excellent in homicide or abuse. We need to create the nice. We have to make a choice to reply in a manner that brings excellent into an inconceivable state of affairs. We have to make a choice to present objective and that means to our struggling.

Not the whole thing occurs for a reason why. But in the whole thing that occurs, there may also be a reason why to deliver hope and therapeutic to others. God can use our ache for a larger excellent if we make a choice to let Him in.