Cards Against Humanity Buys Up Land On The Border To Stop Trump’s Wall


Cards Against Humanity Buys Up Land On The Border To Stop Trump’s Wall

Last 12 months, they dug a hollow and saved digging it till time ran out, or folks stopped donating to pay for the excavation equipment. This 12 months, Cards Against Humanity continues to be trolling, however they’re trolling for a just right reason. The Chicago-based comedy and card recreation corporate are purchasing up acres of land alongside the U.S.-Mexico border and providing a small proportion of it in a vacation promotion. For simply 15 dollars, folks gets a work of the land, and 5 or 6 different “America-saving” presents for collaborating within the promotion that may stay “their brand relevant” for some other 12 months.

Here’s their legitimate manifesto:

Donald Trump is a preposterous golem who’s scared of Mexicans. He is so afraid that he desires to construct a twenty-billion buck wall that we all know will accomplish not anything. So we’ve bought a plot of vacant land at the border and retained a legislation company that specialize in eminent area to make it as time-consuming and costly as conceivable for the wall to get constructed. On Day 1, all Cards Against Humanity Saves America recipients gets an illustrated map of the land, a certificates of our promise to struggle the wall, some new playing cards, and a couple of different surprises.

This is best day one and as of this writing, there are 39,000 slots last to get in at the wall-busting motion. Meaning over 100 thousand stocks have already been bought in a couple of hours. Yay, Capitalism?!

You can take a look at the entire promotion and their historically snarky FAQ right here.


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